MCEDD Board of Directors

MCEDD is governed by a twenty-one member board of directors representing the five counties of the district (5), a representative of the cities of each county (5), representatives of the Ports (2) and Chambers of Commerce (2) of each state, as well as seven private sector representatives from either agriculture, business, industry, labor, finance, education, utilities, healthcare, telecommunications, or minorities.

Annually, MCEDD appoints private sector members to the Board.

Jan Brending, Chairperson
Economic Interest: City of Bingen
Constituency: Cities of Klickitat County
Jan Brending, represents the Cities of Klickitat County (Bingen, Goldendale, and White Salmon). She is employed as the City Administrator for the City of Bingen.

Ken Bailey, Vice Chairperson
Economic Interest: Private sector
Constituency: Agriculture

Ken Bailey is Vice President and Shareholder in Orchard View Farms, Inc.

Bill Schmitt Secretary/Treasurer
Economic Interest: Port of Klickitat Commissioner
Constituency: Washington Ports

Bill Schmitt is a Port Commissioner for the Port of Klickitat.

Mary Kramer
Economic Interest: Private Sector, Columbia Gorge Community College
Constituency: Education

Mary Kramer is the Director for Career and Technical Education for Columbia Gorge Community College.
Bob Benton
Economic Interest: Hood River County Commissioner
Constituency: Hood River County
Bob Benton is a Hood River County Commissioner.

Bob Hamlin

Economic Interest: Skamania County Commissioner Constituency: Skamania County

Bob Hamlin is a County Commissioner for Skamania County.
Rod Runyon
Economic Interest: Wasco County Commissioner
Constituency: Wasco County
Rod Runyon serves as a Wasco County Commissioner.
Carol Mackenzie
Economic Interest: Wasco City Mayor
Constituency: Cities of Sherman County
Carol Mackenzie is the Mayor of Wasco, Oregon. She represents the Cities of Sherman County on the MCEDD Board.
Gabriel Muro
Economic Interest: Private Sector
Constituency: Latino Social Service Agencies
Gabriel Muro works as Outreach Coordinator for Nuestra Comunidad Sana program at The Next Door, Inc.

Paul Hendricks
Economic Interest: City of Stevenson
Constituency: Cities of Skamania County

Paul Hendricks is a City Councilor with the City of Stevenson.

Joeinne Caldwell
Economic Interest: Port of Cascade Locks
Constituency: Oregon Ports

Joeinne Caldwell is a Port Commissioner with Port of Cascade Locks.
Sue Knapp
Economic Interest: City of Maupin
Constituency: Cities of Wasco County
Sue Knapp is a City Councilor with the City of Maupin.
Dana Peck
Economic Interest: Goldendale Chamber of Commerce
Constituency: Washington Chambers of Commerce

Dana Peck represents the Washington Chambers. He is the Executive Director of the Greater Goldendale Chamber of Commerce.

Gary Thompson
Economic Interest: Sherman County Judge
Constituency: Sherman County
Gary Thompson Is a County Judge for Sherman County
Rex Johnston
Economic Interest: Klickitat County Commissioner
Constituency: Klickitat County

Rex Johnston is a County Commissioner for Klickitat County.

Eric Proffitt
Economic Interest: Private Sector
Constituency: Workforce
Eric Proffitt represents workforce interests on the board and is a Business and Employment Specialist for WorkSource Oregon.
Mark Zanmiller
Economic Interest:  City of Hood River
Constituency: Cities of Hood River County
Mark Zanmiller is a City Councilor with the City of Hood River.

Tonya Brumley
Economic Interest: The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce & Hood River Chamber of Commerce
Constituency: Oregon Chambers of Commerce

Tonya Brumley was appointed by both The Dalles Chamber of Commerce and Hood River Chamber of Commerce and serves as the representative for the Oregon Chambers. She is employed by NW Natural in The Dalles.
Robert Kimmes
Economic Interest: Private Sector
Constituency: Healthcare

Robert Kimmes represents healthcare interests on the board and is the Chief Executive Officer at Skyline Hospital in White Salmon, Washnington.

Stephanie Hoppe
Economic Interest: Private, Non-Profit
Constituency: Business
Stephanie Hoppe represents non profit interests on the board and is the Columbia Gorge Community College Foundation Director.
Tom Furey
Economic Interest: Private, Technology
Constituency: Business
Tom Furey represents technology interests on the board and is the Chief Operating Officer at Sagetech Corporation.


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