MCEDD’s mission:

To promote the creation of family-wage jobs, the diversification of the economic base, and the growth, development and retention of business and industry within the five-county district.

History & Area Served:

Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD) is made up of three counties in Oregon (Hood River, Wasco and Sherman) and two counties in Washington (Skamania and Klickitat), all bordering the Columbia River.

MCEDD was established in 1969 by its five member counties who realized that by sharing a common workforce, a common geography and a number of other important factors, their economic fates were tied together. They realized that by joining together they would benefit from better access to economic development loans and grants, pooled technical assistance, marketing, and administrative resources, and most importantly, they would be able to bring a regional approach to their economic development efforts. Over the years MCEDD’s membership has grown to include cities, ports and chambers of commerce within the five county region.

Today it still retains the distinction of being the only regionally focused economic development agency in the Mid-Columbia and therefore the agency most appropriate to serves as lead agency for the Economic Development Administration. MCEDD is organized as a government non-profit in Oregon as an ORS-190 and in Washington as a RCW 39.34.010.



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