Mid Columbia/Columbia Gorge
Economic Development Strategy

Draft Plan

- Summary (pdf)

- Full Document (pdf)


The plan is available for public comment through May 25, 2017.




Comment Period Open Through May 25, 2017

Every five years the region develops the comprehensive economic development strategy as a guide to understanding the regional economy and crafting goals, strategies and actions to create jobs, raise income levels, diversify the economy, and improve the quality of life. The region covered under this strategy includes Skamania and Klickitat counties in Washing ton and Hood River, Wasco, and Sherman counties in Oregon. Public comments on the draft 2017-2022 strategy are now being accepted. Comments should be provided by 5 pm on May 25, 2017 and may be submitted using any of the following:

  • Online survey (click here)
  • Emailceds@mcedd.org
  • Writing (please specify that your comments are in relation to the Economic Development Strategy): MCEDD, 515 East Second Street, The Dalles, OR 97058

Access the plan drafts:

Past Session Materials

Resiliency (March session)

Document (pdf)


March 2017 Agenda


Local Issues/Priorities in the Regional Strategy: Klickitat County Presentation Richard Foster

Mosier Resiliency Presentation

Kathy FitzPatrick

Session Presentation Amanda Hoey
Draft: Regional Strategy (full)
Draft Summary

Measurements (February 2017 Session)

Document (pdf)


February 2017 Agenda


Local Issues/Priorities: Hood River

Jeff Hecksel

Session Presentation Amanda Hoey
Summary Outcomes (2012-2016)  
Notes from the February Session  

Strategies (January 2017 Session)

Document (pdf)


January 2017 Agenda


Local Issues/Priorities: Wasco County

Kathy Ursprung

Session Presentation Amanda Hoey

Strategy Implementation Plans- Working Drafts


Financial Capital & Entrepreneurial Environment





Regulatory Environment


Action Plan Input Survey  

Industry Sector Focus, Strategies (November 2016 Session)

Document (pdf)


November 2016 Agenda


Overview of Regional Strategy Process

Amanda Hoey

Local Issues/Priorities: Sherman County Tom McCoy
Vision/Goals Amanda Hoey
Final SWOT Amanda Hoey
November 17, 2016 Tour Agenda (Azure)  

Industry Sector Forcus and Strategies Survey


Vision and Goals (October 2016 Session)

Presentation (pdf)


October 2016 Agenda


Overview of Regional Strategy Process

Amanda Hoey

Local Issues/Priorities: Skamania County Kari Fagerness

SWOT Analysis (Draft)

Amanda Hoey

Goals and Vision Survey


SWOT (September 2016 Session)

Document (pdf)


September 2016 Agenda

Overview of Regional Strategy Process

Amanda Hoey

2012 SWOT Summary Amanda Hoey

Local Issues/Priorities: Cascade Locks

Holly Howell

Regional Strategy SWOT Input Survey

Data/Demographics (July 2016 Session)

Document (pdf)


The Gorge Economy

Regional Economists: Dallas Fridley and Scott Bailey

Columbia Gorge - Oregon

Dallas Fridley

Columbia Gorge Labor Market- Washington

Scott Bailey




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