Coordination emphasizes MCEDD’s role as a leader of the regional economy.  Such leadership is important because our region is split between two states, five counties, several funding districts and numerous cities and towns. To encourage coordination efforts throughout the region, MCEDD provides strategic-level leadership and planning for the region. MCEDD also helps coordinate individual economic development efforts.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy The annual strategy process led by MCEDD provides the region an opportunity to establish a strong, widely-held set of goals and objectives, as well as plan of action on how to achieve them. 

Gorge Broadband  MCEDD leads efforts to bring high-speed, fiber optic telecommunications technology to the region.  Providing affordable broadband access strengthens the economy and quality of life in the region.

Agora Investment Platform Agora links communities and capital providers on a collaborative transactional platform. The Platform was developed and piloted in the MCEDD region and is currently expanding to additional locations throughout Oregon. Join or learn more at

Economic Symposium MCEDD coordinates events focusing on understanding economic and employment trends in the regional economy.

Industry Cluster Development. MCEDD has been a leader in the development of industry clusters including arts, wine, high tech, renewable energy, and alternative healthcare. As a recipient of an EDA grant for Cluster development, we are implementing 5 year workplans for these industries. Support includes:

Gorge Technology Alliance. MCEDD provides project management services and coordination to the growing tech sector through the Columbia Gorge Technology Alliance. Learn more at

Columbia Gorge Winegrower’s Association. MCEDD supports the Winegrower's Association in administration of grant funding to jointly market grapes grown and wine produced in the Gorge region.

Gorge Cider Society. MCEDD coordinates efforts of this growing industry to ensure sustainability, increase marketing efforts to brand the Gorge region as a premier cider destination, and facilitate partnership with local orchardists and cideries. Additional information about our region's cideries can be found at their website:

Columbia Gorge Arts and Culture Alliance. MCEDD acts as fiscal agent and coordinator. Learn more at

Columbia Gorge Bi-State Renewable Energy Zone. MCEDD leads efforts related to the Bi-State Renewable Energy Zone. Learn more at

Regional Transportation. MCEDD coordinates efforts related to regional transportation infrastructure, transit and transportation policy issues. Learn more through the Connect Mid-Columbia process. For transit, MCEDD assists Gorge Translink in developing regional transportation strategies, developing coordinated plans and implementing regional services.


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